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Harold Cober, Ph.D. CEMA
Certified Energy Medicine Analyst
Founder, Theodynamics Institute
Founder, Vibrational Religion
Founder, Vyofeedback, Vyosonics,
Acupulsing, Hydrostatic Therapy, etc.
Keeper Planetary Node #18


Theodynamics explains the unseen world as aerodynamics and thermodynamics explains the seen world.

In the beginning there was no beginning. This becomes obvious when the Pulsating Regenerative Universe (PRU)
theory is understood. Regions expand (entropy) and contract (eutropy) while the cosmos remains constant.
Caldrons (black holes) are cosmic compost tumblers, munching on spent material and belching out new prodigy.
It has always been powered in that fashion and always will.
There is ONE universe defined as never ending expanse, you just cannot have more than one "never ending expanse".
Hubble nor anyone else has ever seen the outer edge of the universe, until someone does it is a leap of religious faith
to say it is expanding or that there is more than one.

The theory of everything is X = Z (FF-UCx) Where anything X, is a residual Z , of the First Force FF, minus a
variable x, of the Ultimate Constant UC, vibration.

Physicist Leon Lederman said, "My ambition is to live to see all of physics reduced to a formula so elegant
and simple that it will fit easily on the front of a T-shirt." At least my formula meets that requirement.
The problem with E = MC² is, it implies that energy is derived from mass when only the reverse is true.
The axiom is, there can be energy without mass but never mass without energy.

The universe is ONE web, everything is connected. There is ONE Force, the First Force (FF)which is the impetus for the other three ("gravity is non-existent). The Singularity resides at the Point Source of Each Q-unit as well as at the connecting oscillations. The oscillations travel at the Ultimate Constant (UC) which means if you were to ride the power point of a cosmic wave you could circle the universe instaneously -- omnipresence?

Unlike earthlings, when the Creator finds a principle that works, She uses it everywhere.
The same currents in the hydrosphere and atmosphere are utilized in the cosmosphere,
our "experts" have just not yet figured it out. The formation of matter is a matter of Cymatics.

Cosmic Compost Tumbler (Torus)

The universe is powered by the principle of the torus, when energy flows into the volume Reduction Region it is transformed to the original ready to begin the life cyle over again. Most scientists have worshipped the entropy phase and have failed to grasp "eutropy".

There is no such thing as gravity. When objects get near an inbound FF tide it drags the lesser objects in and in the case of being drawn into a caldren, the object is dematerialized back into FF and spewed out only to slow down again, swirl into perhaps a new galaxy as above to begin the never ending cycle over again.

Q-units swarm to form objects such as earth, once formed their oscillations continue to service the 'swarm' which causes an inbound tide around all objects. Naturally they agitate the on-board Q-units which creates an outflow slightly less than the inflow. Thus loose objcts are dragged to earth as someone put it, as a leaf blown to a screen door.

Above is a stretch but we can assume that the root seed of the bio-body-to-come was already scattered over Pangaea before it broke up. After all, genes for fingers have been found in some fish. We know that life began in the sea because there was not yet an ozone UV filter, "Let the waters bring forth..." The anphibs crawled out on land which broke off into the Continent of Africa. Many years after the one land mass broke up the "race gene" was played, naturally there was a slight variation in frequencies on each continent which caused the variation in the human kingdom.

At the speed of the Singularity, it is not that everything occurs at once but that everything that is happening anywhere is known at the same time, which is not fun. So the Creator slowed the FF to form into individual energy pods called Vyo-Beings. Of course, like the Creator, Vyo-Bodies are eternal. S/He then slowed further to create a temporary bio-body for which the Vyo-Beings could couple in order to provide the Vyo-Bodies with the awareness of Consciousness, time comprehension, nerve endings, a tongue and a thumb. When the circuitry is complete, the arriving Vyo-Beings will remain aware of being FF, and live according to its principles -- "Thy Kingdom come.

The Biblical story of the fall is faulty retro-engineering. These stories are written after the fact and looking back when the otherkind graduated to humankind and humankind began to display reasoning, it surely appears to be a fall. It was actually a rise from instinct to intuition and free will because of the addition of the frontal lobes . By realizing the innocence of instinct and the destruction that humans have caused since, one could surely misread the event. Especially since the writers had no way of knowing it was a natural progression toward humankind acquiring Ultimate Consciousness. What actually happened was, during the time of instinct, the otherkind were guided by that specific species' Conscious wave-length (see above), not the DNA as some would have us believe. There are NO genes for behavior. With a stretch that instinctual life can be seen as Eden, no worries, no responsibility, but if humans are to become highly evolved beings, the addition of the frontal lobes was necessary. The "rise" came when the frontal lobe came on-line allowing the species with the frontal lobes, that is of course if they use it, to be able to reason and anticipate -- as the Creator does. Few have ever understood what the frontal lobes are for and thereby fail to boot them. This is the worst possible cognitive condition, they become free from a servo-guidance system, instinct, but with no self-guidance system. Although it does provide an excuse to steal and kill, and then blame it on instinct.

These are the spheres of the Vyo-Body. Acupressure and Acupuncture are intervention of the control channels. They are Mechanical Piezoenergy mechanisms. Healing hands therapy, healing prayer and Cosmic radiations are Quantum Piezoenergy mechanisms. Who activates the acuducts when the first four practitioners are not?

When the Vyo-Body decouples from the bio-body , the control channels from the health sphere to the acuducts must detach as does the Cosmic Cord. There are strings attached. When the Silver Cord is Severed "After a little time the lateral motion ceased, and long the soles of the feet beginning at the toes, passing rapidly to the heels, I felt and heard, as it seemed, the snapping of innumerable small cords. HC: This would be the control channels detaching

This illustration shows how the Spirit arrives in the mid brain and is sensed as our First Sense (1s). Without thinking, we accept meaningless anecdotes such as "we know in our heart". The heart pumps blood, there is no cognitive neural network in the heart. Fortunately Jesus put it to rest, God-Consciousness- knowing enters the spinal fluid at what He called the "Sacred" Heart region, which in today's vernacular I call the Vyocom Port, BELOW and BEHIND the heart. It is easy to see how the confusion started because even Jesus drops "Sacred" many time and just says "heart". The spinal fluid acts as an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Of course it is the Cosmic Circuit which allows Consciousness to vacate the bio-body to sleep but also in NDEs, OBEs, Vyocommunication, precognition, etc.

Credit Robert Villetto in "Mind With Reason" with the prefix 'Vyo'. It stems from early Egyptian vio for vibration, as in violin, but Robert was advised that they used a "y" instead of an "i". This provides some consitancy in other dimensional words. We have: Vyographics, Vyocommunication, Vyocognition, Vyovision, Vyotravel, Vyofeedback, Vyosonics, Vyocom Port, etc.

Vyocommunication is possible when the OLG is functioning properly, once Consciousness is shifted to the interface, the Vyo-Body, it is possible to communicate with any part of the universe. This is also the explanation for what is mistakenly called "precognition". There is nothing in the brain that can provide true future experience. Therefore it should properly be known as pre-Vyocognition because the Vyo-Body is in the timeless Realm, it is privy to the infinite past as well as the future.

Imagine this, the sleep "experts" have dug their test hole in the wrong place - and they just keep digging.

Physorg: Humans, in fact, spend roughly one-third of their lives asleep, but sleep researchers still don't know why. ...Jerome Siegel, UCLA professor of psychiatry and director of the Center for Sleep Research at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and the Sepulveda Veterans Affairs Medical Center, has concluded that sleep's primary function is to increase animals' efficiency and minimize their risk by regulating the duration and timing of their behavior.

HC: Surely if I were a "UCLA professor of psychiatry and director of the Center for Sleep Research at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA and the Sepulveda Veterans Affairs Medical Center", I would know why we sleep. For the anointed, anything we do must be some adaptation thing from when we swung in trees or genetics. Siegal believes that an animal is vulnerable while asleep, so that is why they sleep. Wow!

SCIAM: For something so essential and basic, sleep has turned out to be a complicated biological nightmare for scientists. Certain genes, such as CLOCK and BMAL1, have been pegged for their roles in the body's circadian rhythm, but the full cast of characters involved in moderating the process of sleep remains fuzzy.

HC: Surely it is an almighty gene? Finding a gene that has something to do with the body's circadian rhythm explains WHY we sleep. Wow!

SCIAM: To further investigate the gene and its impact on the body, the researchers studied transgenic mice with the introduced mutation.

HC: Now there is a deeper hole. Animals have a totally different mechanism which determines for them when they sleep, the pineal, humans have an Optical Logic Gate (OLG) which gives them some control over when they sleep.

SCIAM: The underlying question, Tafti says, is how much sleep do people really need? Could most people do just fine on seven hours or do some really need to slumber for a full nine? In order to sleep less, people would need to sleep better—that is, more efficiently, with more intense REM states, Tafti explains, which appears to be happening in those with the DEC2 mutation. "We believe that short-sleepers have more efficient sleep," he says.

HC: Hey Tafti, there is a clue if you can climb out of the hole for a minute. It is during the REM cycle that bio-consciousness vacates the bio-body, the actual reason for sleep. During REM, Consciousness is now free to move about the cabin. A child could understand that Consciousness travels at a speed allowing it to be everywhere at once. It must slow to survive in "bio-consciousness" and therefore must return to full Consciousness cyclically for rejuvenation.

SCIAM: Tafti expects a long road still ahead before scientists solidly understand sleep.

HC: Long road? Actually never, so long as they keep digging at the wrong place.

Physorg: "So it's been thought that sleep must serve some as-yet unidentified physiological or neural function that can't be accomplished when animals are awake," Siegel said.

HC: Well good for Siegel. Bio-consciousness is in the animal when awake, so rejuvenation cannot be accomplished then, but it is not an "unidentified physiological or neural function", it is a function of Consciousness itself. Of course they do not even know yet what Consciousness is let alone how it functions.

Physorg: What is most remarkable about sleep, according to Siegel, is not the unresponsiveness or vulnerability it creates but rather that ability to reduce body and brain metabolism while still allowing that high level of responsiveness to the environment. "The often cited example is that of a parent arousing at a baby's whimper but sleeping through a thunderstorm," he said. "That dramatizes the ability of the sleeping human brain to continuously process sensory signals and trigger complete awakening to significant stimuli within a few hundred milliseconds."

HC: A heart stopper! Read a book Siegel, Robert Monroe explained 50 years ago that the Vyo-Body Consciousness does not "sleep" and is alert to the condition of the bio-body at all times. Monroe did not know that the Health Sphere of the Vyo-Body sustained the bio-body until the Intellectual Sphere, the animator, returns.

Soul Man A physician once placed dying patients upon a scale in order to measure the weight of the human soul ... MacDougall seems not to have made any more experimental breakthroughs regarding the measurement of the human soul after 1911 ... Nonetheless, his legacy lives on in the oft-expressed maxim that the human soul weighs 21 grams.

HC: Several studies have been done to determine the weight of the Vyo-Body by computing the drop in the bio-body weight upon decoupling. Another interesting inquiry into the Vyo-Body might be the placing of super sensitive scales under a retiring person's bed to determine if there is a similar occurrence when we enter into sleep. Of course the weight drop would not be as much because the complete Vyo-Body does not vacate in sleep and the bio-body remains vital but super sensitive scales might pick up that which does leave.

Archetypal Dimension of World Events by Paul Levy: C. G. Jung had profound insight into the deeper, underlying archetypal processes originating in the unconscious psyche of humanity that give shape and form to collective human events.

HC: There is no such thing as 'un'conscious. Underlying complexes can originate in our bio-consciousness. Just as Salk conjured up how to cure polio, life enhancement, 'in-house' bio-consciousness can conjure up life effacing complexes. Paul and Jung are primarily addressing the life effacing aspects without a cure. The cure for non-local interference is to simply raise the frequencies of your Vyo-Body .

Paul: To quote Jung, “…the first World War released the hidden power of evil, just as the war itself was released by the accumulation of unconscious masses…. The second World War was a repetition of the same psychic process but on an infinitely greater scale.” The current global war on terror is the latest iteration of the same underlying psychic process, the latest variation of a very old theme. Our species is endlessly re-creating the same mythic, archetypal process, as if we are having a recurring dream. It is as if our soul has become hijacked by a deeper, archetypal force, and has been replaced with a pale imitation of ourselves, and, to the extent we are taken over, we don’t even realize it. Archetypes, Jung points out, “have the most disagreeable quality of appearing in your own guise.” The spirit of the unconscious impersonates us, fooling even ourselves, as it cloaks itself in our form.

HC: Several ways of being “subliminally influenced” is by our own suppressed thoughts, past life bleed-overs, deep trance channeling, Vyographics, and actual possession.

This misunderstood possession phenomenon also relates to those afflicted with multiple personalities? Inside Karen’s Crowded Mind In a new book, a psychiatrist details his most challenging case, a woman with 17 personalities. Naturally the human brain is capable of compartmentalizing but many who suffer multiple personalities are actually shifting to other Vyo-Body infiltration, they even experience a shift in physiological diseases depending on the Vyo-being that has control at the moment. The above illustration is a brief explanation of the logistics. In order to be influenced by low-lifes the earthling must be domiciled in a low frequency Vyo-Body. Note the earthling who has sustained a violet VyoBody is “immuned” because the lower frequencies cannot fuse with the higher much like the frequency of water will not fuse with the frequency of oil. It is obvious that any of her Vyo contacts will be of a higher vibration.

Paul: In unconsciously identifying with and becoming possessed by the daemon, on the personal, human level we forfeit our humanity and become an empty shell.

HC: By failing to imprint on their First Sense (1s), earthlings construct Potemkin Villages to occupy. There can be no "peace on earth" so long as the critical masses live under this precarious canopy.

Paul: Jung writes, “people who constellate an archetype have such a hypnotic effect.” People who are gripped by an archetype have a gripping effect on others; when we are under the fascination of an archetype, we unwittingly have a fascinating influence on others. Jung makes the point that “identification with an archetypal figure lend almost superhuman force to the ordinary man.” People who are possessed by their unconscious have a very magnetic, charismatic and “possessive” effect upon others’ unconscious. The part of them that is bewitched evokes the corresponding suggestible and bedeviled part of others’ psyche and hooks it, spell-binding it and entraining it into its archetypal spin.

HC: Naturally all of the thought frequencies travel throughout the Noosphere which can transmit a psychosis collectively faster than a virus. It would seem that there is more "entraining" going on in the lower spheres. It also seems like the more "bedeviled" folks become, the greater their need to in-phase with their kind. They seek precarious security in group validity. As mentioned, Jung and Paul overstate the "bedeviled" case while neglecting the cure. It is as obvious as the frequency of oil will not fuse with the frequency of water. It is possible to raise the frequencies of Consciousness, the Vyo-Body, beyond which the bedeviled frequencies will not entrain.

Paul: Connecting with the archetypal is like plucking a higher-dimensional chord of our being, which immediately activates a resonance in the collective unconscious in whoever hears it. Just like the pendulum with the strongest swing entrains all the other pendulums into its swing, the person who is channeling the living power of the deeper, archetypal force can potentially en-train and en-trance others. This power can be used for the highest good – helping people to awaken – or it can be used for the deepest evil so as to manipulate, dis-empower and enslave other people. Being archetypal, this energy is fundamentally neither good nor bad, but can potentially manifest either way depending upon our intent.

HC: It is possible that the human brain is the only instrument in the universe that can manipulate the First Force (radio and television does not manipulate FF). For instance when FF strikes the sun it is reradiated out as fixed radiation, solar light. That is why those who do not know of the FF say nothing is faster than solar light. All that means is that solar light is limited to 186,000 mps. A crystal reradiates a constant frequency, even the otherkind cannot manipulate Consciousness, but humans do it unknowingly.

Paul: Becoming possessed by the unconscious is, paradoxically, the way we learn how not to be possessed, which we clearly haven’t learned yet, or we wouldn’t be possessed. By differentiating ourselves from the archetype, we make it conscious, while creating ourselves relative to it.

HC: In order to differentiate ourselves from the archetype we first need to know what "ourselves" is. It is simply to first relate to our 1s and then everything falls into place. We founded "Vyofeedback" to accomplish it but that went down the toilet, it would seem that being "bedeviled" is better.

Paul: As we connect with each other through our lucidity, we can potentially become a vehicle through which the archetypes themselves transform and evolve,

HC: Well of course the archetypes that have never coupled ARE evolved but we can and do become a vehicle, an extension of their Divine Light body vicariously providing them with the sensory system which they lack.

Incarnation / Reincarnation

On our first coupling, 'in'carnation ‘A’, everyone is white (indicated in pink). The eternal Vyo-Body is coupled to the temporary bio-body by the Cosmic Circuit. The FF, consciousness, is the carrier and information is modulated on the carrier. All activity that is encountered by the user is not only recorded in temporary storage in the neural network but it is transmitted to the Vyo-Body storage, where it is permanently imprinted.

‘B’ Upon decoupling the Vyo-Body remains in the condition the bio-body left it in. It migrates to the dimension with which it resonates.

‘C’ For the most part the Vyo-Body reincarnates in the condition it left in -- karma? Many reincarnates are able to access their Vyo-Self to recall other lives experiences. The depth of “remembering” depends on the stage of development of the Cosmic Circuit one gets in the new bio-body. Upon completion of the Cosmic Circuit everyone will “remember” the past. They will remember when they were Spirit and act as such, they will arrive White and remain so.

The "experts" will never grasp non-local storage as long as they search local storage.

And the dumb beat goes on!

Out of your head: NS (New Scientist) Brugger and others have come a long way towards understanding out-of-body experiences.

HC: Actually they have not moved off of the dime.

NS: They have narrowed down the cause to malfunctions in a specific brain area and are now working out how these lead to the almost supernatural experience of leaving your own body and observing it from afar.

HC: The illusion of an OBE could be related to a malfunction but it is actually only a more fully developed brain that is equipped to make the authentic trip out.

NS: So what exactly is an out-of-body experience?

HC: It is when the OLG passes control to the Cosmic Circuit so Consciousness can travel out side of the bio-body and into the multidimensional Vyo-Body. It should not be too difficult to grasp, it does a facsimile of it every night -- which we call sleep.

NS: Some out-of-body experiences involve just one of these stages; some all three, in progression. Bizarrely, many people who have one report it as a pleasant experience.

HC: Forget figuring out the stages until you understand what it is!

NS: So what could be going on in the brain to create such a seemingly impossible sensation?

HC: Not much, the action is outside of the brain. The role the brain plays is to nudge Consciousness out. When the upper brain quiets, the OLG passes control to the Cosmic Circuit which carries Consciousness to the Vyo-Body. Sometimes the brain will then fire back up again if the activity in the Vyo-Body is intense enough. For example, when out of the bio-body in sleep, many things occur but are forgotten when Consciousness returns. If the trip is note worthy it will be sent to the neural network to be recorded. Naturally the user will then be able to access it upon awakening.

NS: Blanke and colleagues hypothesized that out-of-body experiences arise when, for whatever reason, the TPJ fails to do this properly.

HC: Or possibly when it does it “properly”?

NS: The task is to imagine yourself in the position of the cartoon figure in order to work out which hand the glove is on.

HC: The illusion of being out of the bio-body is not the same as being “out of the bio-body”.

NS: This does not, however, explain the most striking feature of out-of-body experiences. "It's a great puzzle why people, from their out-of-body locations, visualize not only their bodies but things around them, such as other people," says Brugger. "Where does this information come from?"

HC: Congratulations, now they are getting somewhere but once understood, it is not a “great puzzle“. The information comes from Consciousness out side of the bio-body. Hello!

NS: One line of evidence comes from the condition known as sleep paralysis, in which healthy people find their body immobilized as in sleep despite being conscious

HC: As shown in the illustration above, the health sphere of the Vyo-Body remains with the bio-body to sustain it while the intellectual sphere is out but it cannot animate the bio-body; only full Consciousness can do that. “Sleep paralysis” is just a brief time when the intellectual sphere has not yet fully returned.

NS: During sleep paralysis, it is possible to enter a REM like state in which you dream of moving or flying.

HC: It is during the REM stage of sleep when Consciousness is out, so Vyo-You might well be “moving or flying”.

NS: Brugger, meanwhile, has a suggestion for how someone might see things even though their eyes are shut, based on one of his patients who reported an out-of-body experience. According to this patient's father, who was sitting by the bedside, he had his eyes closed. Yet he later reported seeing, from a perspective above his bed, his father going to the bathroom, returning with a wet towel and towelling his forehead. The patient presumably heard his father walk to the bathroom and run some water, and must have felt the wet towel on his head. Brugger speculates that his brain converted those stimuli into a visual image, not unlike what happens in synaesthesia.

HC: When you do not have a clue of what is going on, the best you can do is make things up. The Vyo-Body “sees” without eyes -- in the solar dark or light.

NS: This still does not, however, explain the external vantage point. "It's not clear how the brain constructs that," says cognitive philosopher Thomas Metzinger of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany.

HC: For instance like describing scenes from another galaxy. It is “not clear to them” but it is very clear when we understand how the Vyo-Body works.

NS: Whatever the mechanism, the study of out-of-body experiences promises to help answer a profound question in neuroscience and philosophy: how does self-consciousness emerge? It's abundantly clear to us that we have a sense of self that resides, most of the time, in our bodies. Yet it is also clear from out-of-body experiences that the sense of self can seemingly detach from your physical body. So how are the self and the body related?

HC: The better question might be, how does bio-consciousness emerge. Eternal Ultimate Consciousness permeates the universe. It is tethered to individual eternal Vyo-Bodies which on occasion couple to a bio-body where it “resides, most of the time, in our [bio]bodies”. The Cord attaches at the Vyocom Port in the spine below the shoulder blades (See Robert Monroe) when the umbilical is severed. This allows the ‘slowed’ Conscious units to flow up the spinal where they are converted from analog to digital signals. This is sensed as the First Sense (1s) when it passes through the reticular formation on its way to empower the other five (5s). So that is how the Vyo-Self relates to the bio-self. The Vyo-Self is not the “sense of self” -- it is the Self.

NS: To Metzinger, these experiments demonstrate that self-consciousness begins with the feeling of owning a body, but there is more to self-consciousness than the mere feelings of embodiment. "Selfhood has many components," says Metzinger. "We are trying to fill them in, building block by building block. This is just the beginning."

HC: Fortunately Consciousness does not “begin with the feeling of owning a bio-body”, it always was. “This is just the beginning” of understanding it for them, what can I say, I understand it.

Many "unknowns" are easy to understand when we take the time to examine the Cosmic Circuit in my illustrations, not the least of which is hypnosis.

The Mesmerized Mind Scientists are unveiling how the brain works when hypnotized ...scientists, intrigued by the many practical uses of hypnosis, are striving to figure out how it works. Using the latest neuroimaging tools, these scientists are getting a look at what goes on in the hypnotized brain.

HC: But with all of their latest neuroimaging tools they have not learned "how it works". They are far from grasping that there is no "subconscious" that they think they go to. It is really much too simple for high powered minds to grasp. As they quiet the upper brain, the OLG passes control to the Cosmic Circuit and Consciousness shifts to the eternal Vyo-Body where everything is recorded and real animator and partial controller of the bio-body.

SN: Scientists have yet to discover how hypnosis produces physiological changes.

HC: Refer back to the three bio-body spheres illustration above. The health sphere consists of interference patterns, the holographic body, which has tentacles or control channels connected to the bio- body and they conduct the biological "orchestra".

There is ONE healing modality. It matters not whether the oscillations are initiated by focused thoughts (Healing Prayer), tapping meridians and the other hundreds of new inventions, delivered by drugs or the carrier food. Ultimately they all do the same thing, they excite the Q-units which causes the Q-units to emit the fuel common to all cells -- the current of prime.

Professor Pappas has found that, much as impoverished people have more off spring, cancer can be explained in similar terms. When cells experience low energy of prime, their colony begins to multiply in an attempt to avoid eminent extinction -- we call this cancer. Cancer is caused by low oscillations, exceptionally high oscillations or radiation cause cell disintegration. The first response to low oscillations and the threat of extinction is to 'circle the wagons', clump together, which inadvertently adds another barrier to the activating oscillations. Cutting and blasting tumors does nothing to eliminate the source problem. A question becomes, if the optimum oscillations could be reestablished in the cancer patient and the extinction threat removed, would the cancerous tumor just dissolve as does a scab on a cut.

Cancer is not dumb, if the dividing cancer cells used the cell mitochondria DNA containing telomeres, the cancer would be short lived. Instead cancer cell division uses the nuclear DNA which does not contain telomeres.

Are mobile phones wiping out our bees? Scientists claim radiation from handsets are to blame for mysterious 'colony collapse' of bees...Equally alarming, blue-chip Swedish research revealed that radiation from mobile phones killed off brain cells, suggesting that today's teenagers could go senile in the prime of their lives

These are some of the instruments we use in our research program. Our main thrust is Vyofeedback. With the aid of the Vyotable, Vyofeedback can put us in touch with our Vyo-Body as biofeedback can put us in touch with our bio-body.

Theodynamics University was to engage in research, teaching, and vibrational healing. It would teach that there is ONE Higher Power and tha Power can be defined and understood as we have defined and understand aerodynamics. Know the principle of flight and take to the air ocean, know the principle of Spirit and take to the celestial ocean.

The bio-body can only exist in its very narrow plane-of-existence but Consciousness, the Vyo-Body, can exist in any dimension it is capable of blending with. Everything is a frequency and frequencies can blend with an equal or a harmonic vibration. As we know, blending the frequency of blue with the frequency of yellow results in the frequency of green -- everytime and by anyone. The Creator shows no favoritism. Conversely, the frequency of oil will not blend with the frequency of water. The lesson here is, if we want to 'blend', that is exist, in the higher Realms upon decoupling, all we need do is sustain a high frequency in our Eternal Vyo-Body. The Vyo-Body's frequency is the result of our thoughts. Naturally life enhancing thoughts raise those frequencies while life effacing thoughts lower those frequencies.

We dreamed our dream but we flew too high and the sun melted our wings.

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